Sourcing Locally: The Importance of Ingredients in Texas Catering

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From tender Texas beef and fresh Gulf Coast seafood to juicy peaches, flavor-rich peppers, and complex herbs, fresh Texas ingredients sing in catering dishes like nothing else quite can. As one of the country’s leaders in everything from agricultural production to cattle to poultry, the Lone Star State gives us tons of options to choose from for more delicious dishes in Texas and Fort Worth catering… every single time.

Whether you’re chopping up fresh veggies for a Tuesday dinner or hiring our Texas-based catering team to customize a menu for your Fort Worth catering event needs, sourcing local — and focusing on fresh — can make all of the difference.


Venue: Timberview Farmstead

The importance of local ingredients in Fort Worth catering and at home


In a world of DoorDash and Instacart, it can be a lot easier to worry a lot less about sourcing and a lot more about convenience. (We get it, and there’s always a place for convenience!) However, adding fresh, local Texas ingredients to everything from your breakfast omelets and the cream in your coffee to the meat at your dinner table and the berries you eat for a snack matters. 

Wondering why? 

Fresh Texas ingredients let you shake up the menu:

As the seasons change, there are always different (and delicious!) ingredients making the rounds through Texas farmers and producers. Embracing the changing seasons with new flavors keeps your grocery lists diverse and your flavors even bolder. (Psst… click here to see some of our favorite seasonal Texas ingredients!)

Locally sourced ingredients are better for you:

While you can purchase healthy food anywhere, there’s a special benefit to fresh, locally sourced ingredients that you can’t get at every grocery store. Since your Fort Worth-grown blackberries, Canton-grown okra, and Mission-grown tomatoes don’t have to travel as far, they’re processed and stored for less time than something grown in Utah. Plus, you’re able to get a better quality ingredient.

You’ll enjoy flavor (and quality) you can taste:

Those Fort Worth-grown blackberries, that Canton-grown okra, and those Mission-grown tomatoes we mentioned are also harvested right at their peak ripeness when they’re only being transported throughout the state. This gives you a juicier, deeper flavor that sings on your plate. 

Local sourcing reduces your environmental impact:

Supporting local farms and Texas growers on your grocery lists and in your catering menus means fewer miles traveled — reducing your carbon footprint and allowing you to enjoy food grown on Lone Star soil. Psst… that’s not all! Often, supporting local farms also allows you to support places that are prioritizing things like biodiversity and soil health.

You can support your local growers and artisans:

As one of the most agriculturally active states in the country, Texas has an endless amount of incredible farmers, artisans, and growers to support — and by supporting those local producers, you can build relationships with people in your neighborhood and support the economy.


Local farms and suppliers to support: Fort Worth caterer edition

With almost 250,000 farms (USDA data), there are a ton of local Texas farms to support. And, that doesn’t even begin to touch additional suppliers, growers, and artisans in the state. If you’re wondering how to support more local Texas suppliers, you can try out everything from a CSA box to simply looking for local options at the grocery store. Luckily, it’s not as tricky as you may think to prioritize Texas suppliers! 

At Vestals Catering, we cater events in Fort Worth, Dallas, and Austin — and have tons of recommendations for farms, venues, and suppliers to support. Here are some of our very favorite local Fort Worth, Texas farms and Fort Worth event venues to support as a catering company:


Timberview Farmstead

Timberview Farmstead is our new non-profit teaching farm located in Fort Worth, Texas. We are currently working towards the goal of sourcing the majority of our produce from the state-of-the-art aquaponic greenhouse on site. Timeberview’s mission is to help young people in Tarrant County live a more deeply rooted life. Using a medley of farm-based learning and the embrace of unreasonable hospitality, Timberview Farmstead has a vision of educating and empowering Fort Worth’s kids to thrive.

At Timberview Farmstead, you can find 26 acres of climate-controlled barns, gardens, and animals — and all ages can explore the teaching farm and try out hands-on experiences and activities. Teachers show everything from aquaponics and hatching to how to hold baby chicks, feed goats, and interact with horses, cows, and donkeys. 

To support locals at Timberview Farmstead, you can buy eggs from on-site hens and home-grown produce, shop inside The Farm Shop, and join in for the grand opening on March 2, 2024. We are also offering exclusive Timberview Farm Dinners are available to start reserving now, rooted in the importance of gathering over a shared meal. Each menu is seasonal, curated by our local chefs, and sourced with the highest-quality, local ingredients. Click here to learn more about dining at the Farmstead to share the most universal human conversation — a meal.



Want to support further? By joining the Timberview Collective, you can invest in Fort Worth’s future — and you can donate here, volunteer here, and learn more here.



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Dove Ridge Vineyard 

Eggs, produce, and meat are not the only things you can purchase locally! Did you know Texas is home to some incredible vineyards and wineries? As a Texas caterer who specializes in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Austin events, we work with several venues that bring us (and our clients) so much joy. One of our favorite Fort Worth wedding venues is Dove Ridge Vineyard, a 56-acre vineyard nestled in Tarrant County with breathtaking views and a focus on sustainability that we love.

While Dove Ridge Vineyard is a stunning venue, it’s also an active vineyard, and we cater their wine tastings at their Parker County tasting room. From curated cheeses and cured meats to slow-braised short rib, we love getting to pair our food with Dove Ridge’s Texas wines. Learn more about their tasting room and wine options here.


Fort Worth caterer who prioritizes local


Are you planning a Fort Worth wedding or Cowtown event? Driven by unmatched hospitality and powered by culinary excellence that prioritizes the local market, our Vestals Catering team would love to help you produce your next event. 

Our custom menus can be designed for Fort Worth catering needs in events from weddings and private parties to galas, corporate events, and more — and we commit to using the best ingredients available, always. As culinary experts committed to crafting your most meaningful event, we stand behind each Texas ingredient we put on the table. We’d love to meet you and show you what we love. Get in touch to plan your event with a Texas caterer here, and reach out for a Fort Worth caterer event quote here!